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Jad Trading Group was established in 2010 in Syria, Aleppo. By the ambitious young man, Jad Al-Saleh, 22 years old .. Since then, it has made it a top priority to secure the needs of the market and provide distinctive food products of high quality.


Thanks to the quality of these products and the confidence of consumers, which led to an increase in demand for them, the company entered the Turkish market in 2020, and took the city of Mersin as the headquarters of its new main branch. Jad Trading Group is committed to its permanent slogan for customers in meeting the requirements of all market needs with the best quality products packed in the best international factories and providing them with unique products made in the best modern and modern ways.


We care about the smallest details, and we follow the progress of the cultivation process in all its steps, because we are keen on the quality of our products and provide the best to our customers.


The packing process is carried out according to special and advanced methods and using modern machines that preserve the product's elements and quality.

Shipping and delivery

We are keen to monitor all stages of the product's life, from the stage of cultivation to the stage of distribution, and we take into account the smallest details related to our food products.

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The Vision:

We aim to be a leading company in the Syrian, Turkish, European and Arab markets. We always strive to maintain the best types of food products, excellence in quality, and work to meet the various needs of customers, cooperate and deal with them, and gain their satisfaction.

About Us

Jad Group is one of the leading and reputable companies in the field of importing and distributing foodstuffs. We always strive to provide all our experiences, and we aspire to be one of the first companies in our field of work in the Middle East. We are proud to have a specialized team with experience and speed in implementation, and we are keen to expand our work and relations in the Arab and Turkish markets to be the first company in the market.

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